Safe and non-toxic

At LIM, your safety is our first priority. When motion is detected, the UV-C LED light will be turned off automatically to protect your eyes and body

Handheld function

The convenient 'handheld' function allows you to move or bring the product anywhere, and disinfect easily as needed

Easy installation

Boasting a great practicality and attention to detail, it is easy to install or dismantle anywhere using the built-in magnet within the device

Long-lasting power

The battery of the device can last for a period of up to 2 weeks, and is conveniently rechargeable via USB

Smart motion sensor

When no surrounding motion is detected, our UV-C LED light is programmed to automatically continue disinfecting for 2 minutes before turning off

Small but powerful UV LED light sanitizer

The UV-C LED light (260~280nm) is the most effective wavelength for killing different types of bacteria and germs


Counterfeit Warning

Unfortunately there are poor quality copies and scams using our name and product design. Those counterfeits product(s) might not being tested and certified which might cause harm or damage to your own health and safety.

The only way to be sure you're buying a LIM product is to buy directly from our online store, LIM authorized distributors, dealers or resellers.

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